$1 Deposit Casino

Essentially, a $1 deposit casino is any online casino that offers $1 minimum deposits. Often, Kiwi gamblers find themselves seeking a $1 minimum deposit casino NZ. Perhaps they have had a long day, recently cracked a cold one, and are looking for a fuss-free flutter without risking the loss of a large amount of NZD. We think this is the perfect way to spend a New Zealand evening. Plus, if you are lucky, you might place a casino bonus deposit $1 and get $20!

zodiac casino $1 Deposit Casino

Zodiac Casino

4.1 • Very good
launched in 2001
  • games-amountplay 600+
  • fast-payoutFast
  • live-dealerlive
  • mobile-supportmobile


+80 Free Spins
Play Read Review T&C apply
1xbet casino $1 Deposit Casino

1xBet Casino

4 • Very good
launched in 2011
  • games-amountplay 500+
  • fast-payoutFast
  • live-dealerlive
  • mobile-supportmobile


+150 Free Spins
Play Read Review T&C apply
lucky nugget $1 Deposit Casino

Lucky Nugget

4 • Very good
launched in 1998
  • games-amountplay 400+
  • fast-payoutFast
  • live-dealerlive
  • mobile-supportmobile


+0 Free Spins
Play Read Review T&C apply

Minimum Deposit Casinos in NZ

Why do Kiwi players love $1 deposit casino sites?

Simple. $1 deposit casino New Zealand sites offer the promise of risk-free gambling. Kiwi gamblers can play with as little as $1 real money NZD and still have a great time. Gamblers that play with real money NZD do not always want to bet large. In fact, that might only make up 20 percent of their game. More often than not, New Zealand players can be found enjoying the $1 minimum deposit casino experience. Or even a $1 deposit bonus casino experience!

Advantages of $1 deposit casino Sites

Low risk

Gambling at a $1 deposit casino 2021 NZ allows New Zealand gamblers to make smaller deposits (that’s right, of $1!) which results in smaller wagers or bets. When New Zealand players make a lower bet on a game, there is a much, much lower risk of losing their precious NZD. Gollum would agree that you never lose the precious! In start contrast, playing high stakes online casino games presents a significantly higher risk of losing your hard earned NZD.

Fun gameplay

The best news we can share with you is that playing a $1 deposit casino does not reduce the amount of fun you will have playing casino games. $1 minimum deposit casino NZ sites offer the same exciting games from the same high profile casino game software providers. For example, a $1 deposit microgaming casino guarantees hours of fun playing pokies with exciting themes developed with cutting-edge technology. There is no need to compromise. Kiwi gamblers can absolutely have their cake and eat it too when it comes to casino gaming.

Play for longer

When playing $1 deposit online casino NZ, Kiwi gamblers find that they can play for longer because they spend less of their budget per game. This means that their online casino fun can last for hours as opposed to minutes. This is ideal for New Zealand players interested in playing for a long time as well as a good time. This type of gameplay is ideally suited to Kiwi players that enjoy playing casino games because of their themes, gameplay, audio, and graphics. If your motivation is heart pounding adrenaline fuelled high stakes gambling, then this approach is not for you. $1 deposit casinos are better suited to gamblers that enjoy the entire casino experience and want to extend the fun. Chur, $1 deposit casino games! 

$1 Deposit Casino Games

$1 Deposit Casino Games


Playing Pokies or Kiwi Slots at a $1 minimum deposit casino is ideal for Kiwi pokies fans. Only depositing $1 at a time means that players can play for even longer than usual. Each time that a small $1 minimum deposit casino payment is made, then a small wager can also be made. This means that players can play without losing much money each time. Virtually pop your $1 into the pokies game and spend, say $0.10 per spin. It will take you a few spins to spend your $1. In that time you might win a few $1 NZD casino credits. Before you know it, you may make a casino bonus deposit $1 and get $20! Too easy, Aotearoa.

Table Games

While playing Blackjack or Baccarat at a brick and mortar casino is likely to cost more than $1, anything is possible in the online casino world. Shop around for a $1 deposit casino that allows low bets on their table games like Blackjack and Baccarat. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride because with low deposits and low bets you will be able to play and play and play before running out of budget.

Roulette is the exception. This horizontally spinning game often allows low end bets. This means that when playing a $1 deposit casino, Kiwi gamblers with a lower budget are guaranteed a good time. Tu meke! Playing Roulette with lower bets means that New Zealand gamblers are less likely to lose a large number of NZD during gameplay. Here for a good time, not a long time? How about ‘here for a good time that lasts a long time’!

Video Poker

Similar to Blackjack and Baccarat games, Video Poker is often a higher minimum bet game. This means that a few $1 deposit casino credits may be required to play a video poker game. Of course, there are always lower bet games available someplace, somewhere. Do your research and test-drive a few for free before committing to spending NZD on your experience. Taking this approach to a $1 deposit casino means that you are guaranteed to have a tonne of fun once you find the right casino for your budget.

Live Games

Live games are a live streamed version of the table games above. Real life dealers are live streamed to your device, wherever you are in New Zealand. You can watch them shuffle, cut, deal, and spin in real time. The games you play are against other player from all around the world. Each of you are watching the exact same live stream. If ever you have felt alone playing online casino – live casino is your solution. Kiwi players can even trade banter with other players and the dealer. It does not get much more Kiwi than that!

Most Popular Payment Methods at $1 deposit casinos

Card Methods




E-Wallet Methods





International Bank Transfer

Alternative Minimum Deposit Casino Amounts

$5 deposit casinos and $10 deposit casinos are alternative options to a $1 deposit casino. In these instances, Kiwi players might want to step up their game a little and deposit more so that they can make a higher wager on a game. Bear in mind that $5 deposit casinos and $10 deposit casinos are still considered minimum deposit casinos. These are not huge amounts of NZD to be throwing around. New Zealand gamblers with a slightly higher budget can still spend hours playing casino games and only risk losing a minimal amount. What is most important is to play within your means. That way you continue enjoying your casino gaming and never feel out of your depth.

Final Thoughts

Playing at a $1 online deposit casino NZ is a great way to extend your fun. Reaching your maximum budget while playing online casino games is always disappointing. You may be mid-way through an exciting game, or you might have spotted a new pokies theme you would love to try, or you may have a winning hand and need to raise just a little to stay in the game. Being forced to stop can put a harsh end to your entertainment. Playing at $1 deposit casino sites and placing smaller bets with using minimum deposits can result in your budget being used up more slowly. That way you get to play for longer. As another bonus, you risk losing less real money NZD because you have bet less. If this is all sounding quite good, we are right there with you. Race you to the nearest $1 deposit casino… Go!


Do $1 deposit casinos have online pokies?

You are in luck – they definitely do. Each time you deposit $1 you will have a few spins up your sleeve. And if you have a low budget you will be able to play smaller bets over a longer period of time. Happy spinning!

Are $1 deposit casinos safe and secure?

At CasinoWatch we only recommend the highest quality casinos. Each is legitimate, licensed, and regulated. We also partner with trusted payment providers and game software providers to ensure a safe and secure online casino experience for Kiwis.

Are $1 deposit casinos the same as other online casinos?

The certainly are. Any online casino can be a $1 deposit casino, the only difference is that a $1 deposit casino also allows low deposits of $1. This helps players with lower budgets of a preference for making low deposits to have fun as well.

Can I get a welcome bonus if I deposit $1?

Most welcome bonuses come with a minimum deposit requirement. Often that is $20. However, some online casinos have a deposit $1 and get $20 deal, so keep an eye out for that. Confirm the terms and conditions before claiming any bonus to ensure that you make the most of the opportunity.

What payment methods can I use at a $1 deposit casino?

The best $1 deposit casinos offer popular New Zealand payment processing options like Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, paysafecard, and internet banking. Watch for these when you are searching for the right $1 deposit casino for you.

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