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There is nothing more reassuring than knowing that you are being taken care of. While this is not something New Zealand gamblers usually experience, responsible casinos are determined to change that perception. A growing movement has seen responsible casinos adopt responsible gambling practices. These put their New Zealand gamblers front and center. That includes identifying problem gambling and supporting players with gambling addiction help. It’s a wild online gambling world, Kiwis, but responsible casinos have your back. 

888 Responsible Casinos


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Casumo Responsible Casinos


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Dunder Responsible Casinos


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mr green Responsible Casinos

Mr Green

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What is Responsible Gambling?  

In New Zealand, responsible gambling means that responsible gaming casinos are open and available to hearing gambling addiction stories from their Kiwi players. To be a truly responsible casino, they take a step further from just hearing gambling addiction stories. They are set up to take action in support of their players experiencing pathological gambling.  

Responsible Gambling Policies & Regulations   

When a responsible casino has responsible gambling policies and regulations, they proudly tell their players about them. The information will be easily accessible on their website and not hidden at all. This is critical as the moment an online casino hides resources for gambling addiction help, they are becoming a part of the problem. As opposed to a part of the solution. Gambling is intended to be an entertaining and fun activity for New Zealand gamblers. When it becomes a problem, it is the responsibility of the online casino to offer as much support as the player needs.  

Fundamentals of Responsible Gambling   

The support provided by a responsible casino is designed to help pathological gambling addicts work through their gambling problem. From the moment that a Kiwi player expresses that they have a problem gambling, a responsible casino will follow a process of support. Fundamentally, this process features connecting the player with resources and agencies. These support services designed to help them learn how to manage their addiction in a healthy way. The end goal is that the NZ gambler can play safe and play smart without experiencing a gambling problem. 

Protecting vulnerable and problem gamblers  

When protecting vulnerable gamblers and problem gamblers, a responsible casino will first connect them with support resources and agencies that can help them with the pathological gambling. Next, they will offer the NZ gambler the option of placing restrictions on their gambling account. This is to help them regulate their spending or playing on the responsible casino site. 

Preventing underage and minor gambling   

Responsible casinos take underage gambling very seriously. During the registration process they request personal details from their account holders and their terms and conditions are clear about the minimum age requirement for players. The same process happens with some of the payment providers connected with the responsible casino. Responsible casino payment providers with will require ID verification during registration. This helps to exclude minors from gambling. 

Prohibiting criminal activities  

Another way that a responsible casino takes action against unsafe behaviour is to prohibit criminal activities. This is an important, although often undervalued, step in the process because pathological gamblers have been known to commit criminal activities in order to fuel their gambling problem. It is strictly prohibited to conduct criminal activity in relation to a responsible casino account. It is also very important as this helps to protect the responsible casinos players from being victims of criminal activities and fraudulent behaviour. 

Player Privacy  

Player privacy is another aspect to responsible gaming that is safeguarded by responsible casinos. The power of player privacy enables players to rest assured that their private details will remain private and confidential with the responsible casino they have registered at. It also helps problem gamblers to manage their problem gambling with discretion. It removes the negative gaze of outside influences and allows the responsible casino, the gambler, and the relevant support agencies to work together to mitigate and ideally resolve the pathological gambling addiction that the player is experiencing.  

Payment Protection 

Ensuring payment protection is something that responsible casinos do to ensure the safety and security of their gambler’s funds. This ensures prompt and accurate customer withdrawal payments. This is very important for Kiwi gamblers as they do not want to be waiting around for NZD only to have it paid out at a lesser quantity than they expected. Knowing that you are playing at a responsible casino means knowing that your winnings will be paid on time and in full. It also means knowing that your NZD deposits are safe with the online casino and will be secure until you choose to play with them. 

Providing a safe online climate  

This is a general requirement of responsible casinos. It is also a very important one. Providing a safe online climate means providing a safe space online. A space where Kiwi players can feel safe playing and being themselves. This includes anti-bullying as well as security measures. When playing live casino players and dealers can live chat with each other. This needs to be a safe, positive space for all involved. When asking questions in a responsible casino forum they must be regulated and managed to ensure a safe online climate for all involved. Security-wise, players must feel safe playing at the responsible casino and depositing their NZD funds into it for playing with. This means that the casino has the required accreditation, licensing, and regulation to conduct safe online gambling.  

Gambling Marketing Ethics

Responsible casinos have a requirement to act ethically when marketing their responsible casino. This means that all their marketing claims must be accurate and truthful. It would be easy for an online casino to make a claim about a welcome bonus that looks incredibly generous on the surface but is actually misleading in reality. This includes hiding negating details in the terms and conditions and making claims that the casino cannot, or never intends to, honour. This is not only ethically wrong, but it is illegal in many countries. Advertising and marketing must make legitimate claims. So when you see a welcome bonus for $1,000 NZD, it must be possible to realistically access that welcome bonus.  

The Fine Print  

If you click to read more about the terms, they must be laid out in full including the wagering requirements. As well as other checks and balances that may disqualify you from accessing the bonus that has been marketed. Responsible casinos take gambling marketing ethics seriously. They always back up their marketing and advertising with transparent information regarding eligibility, disqualification, duration. Any other terms and conditions that apply are also clear.

Best Responsible Gambling Casinos 


LeoSafePlay Responsible Casinos

Responsible casino LeoVegas runs a responsible gambling programme called LeoSafePlay. LeoSafePlay is a safe space for New Zealand gamblers to gather and learn about responsible gambling. It responds to concerns like ‘I’m gambling more than I intend to’, ‘I feel I have developed a gambling addiction’, ‘Someone I know is a problem gambler’, and ‘An underage person I know is gambling online’.  

Partners and Licensing 

Gamble Aware 


Malta Gaming Authority 

Gambling Commission UK 

LeoVegas Helps 

Once you click through from one of these categories, LeoSafePlay provides support in the form of helping players identify the warning signs. The site then offers advice on how to exercise more self-control over the players gambling. They also offer additional useful tools. These feature wagering limit options, the ability to pause the account, access to a player’s history, and a self-assessment tool. The assessment tool is designed to present a summary of the areas of a gamblers life that may be affected by problem gambling. Based on the individual gamblers responses to the self-assessment tool, support resources and next steps are provided. These are to help them continue finding help if they require it.  

Blocking Your LeoVegas Account 

LeoSafePlay offers players experiencing problem gambling the ability to limit their deposit amount or limit their time playing. Here are the ways in which LeoSafePlay act as a responsible casino: 

  • Deposit Limit: Set a limit for all NZD deposits so you do not play with more than you can afford to spend. 
  • Loss Limit: Control your NZD losses by setting a loss limit. You will be barred from playing once you have lost the amount you can afford to lose. 
  • Session Limit: By setting a session limit you manage the time spent on a responsible casino site. This helps players from getting caught up in the excitement and missing important meetings of appointments. 
  • Wagering Limit: When Kiwi players set a wagering limit, they find it easier to control their urge to go large and bet big during exciting games. 
  • Player History: This is a useful tool to assess exactly how much you have spent and how often you play at LeoVegas casino. This helps you to manage your time and expenditure. 
  • Time Alert: Setting a time alert is a fantastic way to snap yourself back to reality after you have been caught up in the world of online gambling. 
  • Self-Exclusion: This allows players to exclude themselves from the casino site entirely. The period of self-exclusion can last for a short period of time to a long period of time to indefinitely. 
  • Self-Assessment: This handy tool asks players a series of questions to identify whether or not they have a gambling problem and assessing how it may be impacting negatively on their life. 

888 Casino

888casino responsible gambling 2 Responsible Casinos

Responsible gaming casino 888 Casino focus their attention on barring underage minors from playing casino games on their site. They also support adult players experiencing pathological gambling addiction to control their gambling problem. 

Partners and Licensing 

Gamble Aware 

888+ Responsible 

Gam Stop 

Problem Gambling Support 

Malta Gaming Authority 

Gaming Commission UK 

Government of Gibraltar 


Casino Design 

888 Casino has intentionally designed their online casino and poker room to not appeal to the tastes of children and adolescents. This includes a lack of bright colours and animated details. Stylistically, the site is adult-oriented. The responsible casino also actively discourages anyone under the age of 18 from playing on their site. Part of this includes tracking any minors attempting to play on the online casino. A sophisticated verification system helps to ensure that any minors attempting to log into the 888 Casino software are identified.  

Safety at Home 

888 Casino has a message for gambling parents who use home devices and personal devices like a mobile phone or tablet to take special care with their device at home. New Zealand players should not leave their devices unlocked around minors and should never leave a casino game open when underage people are present. If a family computer or device is shared with minors is used for gambling, then that device can be protected with filtering software. This software can block minors from accessing specific websites and programmes. These websites can include online gambling sites. 

Supporting Problem Gamblers 

  • 888 Casino’s staff are trained to recognise and take appropriate action when they identify compulsive of underage gambling. 
  • The responsible casino has implemented an easy method for self-exclusion for problem gamblers. If a player requests it, the casino will cancel their membership to the casino or block them from certain parts of the casino. 
  • NZ players are able to set maximum allowed deposit amounts to help manage their deposits to the casino. 
  • When requested, 888 Casino will remove a players name from their email list to limit the amount of gambling communication they receive.  


Casumo Cares Responsible Casinos

Casumo Casino takes responsible gaming very seriously. They understand that problem gambling is not good for their customer and it is not good for their customers life. It is much better for everyone that gamblers play for fun and entertainment. Casumo offers Casumo Cares. This features a range of support options for those suffering from pathological gambling. Or those worried that they may have signs of gambling addiction. 

Partners and Licensing 


Gambling Therapy 

Malta Gaming Authority 

Know the Signs 

A self-assessment is a great way to learn whether you might be suffering from a gambling addiction. Casumo Cares poses a list of questions. If Yes is answered to any of them, they recommend that the player may find seeking support to be a positive step. Here is the Casumo Cares self-assessment question list: 

  • Gambling beyond one’s means 
  • Not being able to pay bills due to gambling losses 
  • Staying home from work to play at an online casino or betting site 
  • Feeling frustrated on days when one isn’t gambling 
  • A constant need to increase the amount of money used to gamble to reach the same levels of fulfilment and excitement 
  • The feeling of chasing losses; trying to win back the money that has been lost as soon as possible. 
  • Gambling in order to escape from unpleasantries or stress of life 
  • Failed attempts to stop gambling in the past 
  • The feeling of anger or frustration when reducing the gambling budget 
  • Trying to win back lost money by increasing the size or frequency of the wage 
  • Lying about the amount of money or time that is spent gambling 
  • Hiding one’s gambling from significant others 
  • Being careless about the well-being of your family 
  • Putting gambling above one’s family, friends or other interests 
  • Lying, borrowing, stealing or committing fraud to get money to gamble 
  • Being reluctant to spend ‘gambling money’ on anything else 
  • Gambling has ruined a personal relationship or an occupational or educational opportunity 
  • Arguments, frustrations or disappointments create the need to gamble more 
  • Depressive or even suicidal feelings during or after gambling 

Minors Gambling Online 

Casumo Cares is also set up to exclude minors and underage people from accessing a Casumo account. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play on the Casumo Casino site. Casumo is a fun, animated, theme-based site. But the responsible casino makes an effort not to portray anything in their marketing or advertising that could appeal specifically to minors. 

Gambling Addiction Support 

Casumo Cares offers a range of support for their customers experiencing problem gambling. This begins with the ability to chat or email Casumo about the problem. In return, the casino will chat with you and provide resources to help. The casino refers players with gambling addiction to a variety of agencies designed to help. These include Gambling Therapy, GamTalk, Gordon Moody Association, Gamblers Anonymous, and BetFilter. BetFilter which is software that prevents you from accessing gambling sites and online casinos.  


Dunder Play Sensibly Responsible Casinos

Dunder reminds their gambling players that playing casino games should be fun and positive. It should never be a negative experience or something that disrupts your everyday life. It should also never impact negatively on your personal finances.  

Partners and Licensing 

Gamble Aware 

Gambling Commission 

Malta Gaming Authority 

How Much is Too Much? 

Responsible casino Dunder offers a helpful system to measure the level at which you play casino. The key is to match the following responses with your answers to the following questions. Tally the points to see your results. 

0: Never  

1: Sometimes  

2: Most of the Time  

3: Always  


  • Have you played for more than you can afford? 
  • Do you to play for larger amounts to get the same feeling of excitement? 
  • Have you returned another day to try to win back the money you have lost? 
  • Do you borrow money or sell things to get money to play with? 
  • Have you had a problem because of your gambling? 
  • Has gambling caused you any health problems, including stress and anxiety? 
  • Have anyone criticised your gambling? 
  • Has gambling caused you any financial problems for you or for your household? 
  • Have you felt guilt about gambling or for what happens when you you gamble? 

Once you have tallied your results, assess them according to these totals: 

0 Points: This is not a concern at all 

1-2 Points: This is considered low-risk 

2-7 Points: This is moderate-risk, and you may require support 

8-27 Points: This signifies a gambling problem and you should seek help 

Setting Limits 

This responsible casino allows its players to set limits to help manage their gambling on the site. There are a range of limits available. These can be selected based on which aspect of gambling you have a problem with.  

Deposit Limits 

Wagering Limits 

Loss Limits 

Session Limits 

Time Out 


Reality Check (Time Alert) 

Mr. Green

GreenGaming Responsible Casinos

Responsible Casino Mr Green is self-described as the True Gentlemen of Online Gaming. If this is anything to go by, Mr Gren players can expect a very high level of service and plenty of support when experiencing gambling addiction symptoms. Termed as ‘The positive way to play’, Mr Green is aware that the casino’s responsibility to their players extends beyond casino games. It includes personal help and support.  

Partners and Licensing 




Malta Gaming Authority 

Green Gaming Tool 

The revolutionary Green Gaming Tool was developed to help Mr Green players identify whether or not they have a gambling problem. The responsible casino uses each players real-life casino gaming data to assess their playing habits and identify any areas for concern. The results are combined with impartial advice from industry experts and gambling addiction support agencies. To use the tool: 

  1. Log into your Mr Green account 
  2. Select the Mr Green symbol to access the main menu 
  3. Click on the Green Gaming tab in the main menu 
  4. Read and accept the privacy policy regarding your private details 
  5. Complete the self-assessment test truthfully and honestly 
  6. Review your results which are based on your personal gambling data 
  7. Consider the recommendations provided to ensure positive and healthy responsible gambling 

Mr Green Limits 

If you discover that you do, in fact, have a gambling problem, Mr Green offers a range of limits. These exist to help players control their playing habits and abstain from gambling for periods of time. 

Deposit limit 

Loss limit 

Activity check 

Take a Break 


Handy Tips 

Mr Green also offers some helpful tips for their customer experiencing gambling addiction problems. These are useful to keep in mind when playing. While you may not have a gambling problem now, it is important to keep online casino habits in check to avoid falling into negative playing habits in the future.  

  • Play for fun, not to earn funds 
  • Keep to a budget that you can afford 
  • Set limits to help you play 
  • Set your alarm to snap back to reality 
  • Gambling is a marathon, not a sprint 
  • Check that your mood is a positive one 
  • Take a break every now and again 
  • Do not drink or take drugs while gambling 
  • Understand your gambling habits 
  • Prioritise real-life offline 
  • Learn how much is too much so you can identify it 
  • Understand that casino games are all chance and favour the house  

Symptoms of Problem Gambling 

Real money bonuses Responsible Casinos

Alcohol and Drug Dependency 

Gamblers can turn to alcohol and drugs as a part of the gambling lifestyle. It can begin as a companion activity to their gambling and spiral into addiction as their gambling spirals into addiction. 

Always Betting More 

Gamblers experiencing problem gambling often feel the need to always bet more. It is important that players identify this constant urge as more than just ‘getting caught up in the game’ but as a problem. 


Developing anxiety is a common side effect of gambling addiction. It goes hand in hand with the negative impact problem gambling has on the gambler’s life. Daily life gets harder and more stressful as the addiction grows. Anxiety develops as a result. 

Borrowing Money 

This is a very common trait of problem gamblers experiencing gambling addiction. Money is sought from family and friends to fuel their gambling addiction. The most dangerous side effect of this symptom is that the person struggling with addiction risks driving away the people closest to them. Right when they need their help the most.  

Chasing Losses 

As losses are experienced, a problem gambler will adopt the mentality that ‘I’ll bet a little more and make up for that loss’. Of course, this almost always ends in yet another loss and as each loss is chased, the losses compound.  


Part and parcel with anxiety, depression is a common symptom of gambling addiction. The feeling of helplessness and the inability to control their actions can result in depression for the person experiencing a gambling problem. 

Inability to Stop Gambling 

Being unable to stop gambling is a clear sign of addiction. If a player continues to gamble for a longer period of time than planned. And if their gambling begins to disrupt their real life offline and daily responsibilities, then the gambling has become a problem.  


Telling lies to people is addiction 101. It usually happens when someone is trying to cover up the fact that they are gambling obsessively. We only lie when we are ashamed of the answer or know that it is not a good answer. This makes lying about gambling strong proof of a gambling problem. 

Best Responsible Gambling Actions 

Deposit Limit: This allows Kiwi players to set limits on their NZD deposits which controls how much they spend with the responsible casino. 

Loss Limit: This controls the NZD losses an NZ player can experience by setting a loss limit. The player is blocked from playing once they have lost the amount they can afford to lose. 

Session Limit: Setting a session limit lets New Zealand players manage the time they spend playing on a responsible casino site. 

Wagering Limit: Kiwi players can set wagering limits to help them manage their betting habits. 

Time Alert: Setting a time alert helps player to snap back to reality and avoid getting lost in the online gambling world. 

Self-Exclusion: A self-exclusion helps players exclude themselves from a casino site. The exclusion period can last for a period of time set by the player. 

Self-Assessment: A self-assessment is a way for the player to assess whether or not they have a gambling problem by answering a series of questions. 

Apps that These Casinos Support with Problem Gambling  

Cyber Patrol and Net Nanny 

Net Nanny Responsible Casinos

Cyber Patrol has combined with Net Nanny to provide superior parental control software. The software’s features include an internet filter which allows parents to set filters that block online content or warn of inappropriate content. It also enables alerts and reporting on the activity of minors online. Users can even restrict the number of internet hours and periods of use. User profiles can be customised for each family member. It also features other other valuable restrictions. 


Gamblock 1 Responsible Casinos

Gamblock is designed specifically to block access to online gambling. It has been helping problem gamblers since 2000 by restricting their gambling. Using sophisticated software, Gamblock can block gambling sites without relying on 3rd party website lists that can be out of date.  


Gamban 1 Responsible Casinos

Another gambling site-specific blocker, Gamban allows users to block access to online gambling on all their devices. This means that problem gamblers may have a slip in willpower, but Gamban will not allow it. Installing blocking software is an important step in self-exclusion. It leaves gambling addicts free from temptation so that they can work on managing their problem. 

Responsible Gambling Organizations  

Gambling Helpline New Zealand

This agency offers support for Kiwis experiencing gambling addiction. Anyone with a gambling problem can call for free at anytime on 0800 654 655 or text to chat on 8006. The 24-hour service offers New Zealanders struggling with a gambling problem someone to talk to. They provide immediate support or a referral to a gambling support agency. The Gambling Helpline New Zealand also operate specialised services: 

Maori Gambling Helpline 

Vai Lelei Pasifika Gambling Helpline 

Gambling Debt Helpline 

Youth Gambling Helpline 

Gambling Helpline

The Salvation Army Oasis

This service provides free and confidential support featuring education and counselling for Kiwis suffering from gambling addiction. The support also includes the persons whanau / family and anyone close to them affected by their gambling problem. Qualified counsellors with experience supporting problem gamblers are available for use.


Qualified counsellors are ready to provide professional and confidential counselling for people addicted to gambling and their family. Their number is 0800 664 262 and the call service is free and confidential. PGF also provide support groups. These are designed to help problem gamblers work towards a gamble-free or controlled gambling life. 


There are many ways the responsible casinos can practice caring for their customers. From online safety and security to gambling addiction services and support. If you are interested in playing casino games at a casino that is looking out for you and prepared to help you should you ever need it, then a responsible casino is the way to go. 


First up, check that the responsible casino NZ is licensed and regulated by internationally recognised governing bodies. This is critical because it can give players the confidence that the site has jumped through the appropriate hoops to become a legitimate online casino. This suggests that the casino is concerned about their customers security and safety. 

Customer Service

Second, focus on the responsible casino’s level of customer service and care. Does the casino have attentive customer support? Does the responsible casino have a web page dedicated to identifying and supporting players with gambling addiction?  Do they offer self-assessments and other resources designed to help Kiwi players identify and regulate their gambling activity? 

Once you have found a responsible casino you can rest assured that they will have your back. Whether you need security, peace of mind, or gambling support, the best responsible gambling casinos will be there for their Kiwi players. 


How do you gamble safely? 

The first step to gambling safely is to know your casino. Ensure that your chosen responsible casino is licensed and regulated by internationally reputable governing bodies. 

The second step to gambling safely is to know your limits. Understand what your budget for playing casino games is and do not go over that amount. Also understand how much time you have available to gamble and set an alarm to ensure that you do not exceed that time limit. With a few checks and balances you will be able to have fun playing casino without worrying about gambling addiction. 

How do you set limits at a casino?

Players can navigate to the help or support section of the casino website and live chat, email, or call a customer service representative. This contact will support the player to use any of the limit setting tools available at the casino. 

How do I cancel my self-exclusion? 

In order to cancel a self-exclusion, contact the responsible casino customer support team. Players cannot usually cancel a self-exclusion that is in progress until the exclusion has run its term.  

How do you identify a gambling addict?

A compulsive gambler will usually show signs of addiction. These can include obsession with gambling, the inability to stop gambling, anxiety and depression, and borrowing money to fund gambling. 

How do I know if I have a gambling problem? 

Most responsible casino sites offer a self-assessment tool which is designed to identify whether a player has a gambling problem or not. Navigate you’re your chosen casino’s self-assessment tool and take the test to ascertain if you have the gambling problem. If you do, seek help immediately.  

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