Best Skrill Casinos in New Zealand

Kia ora. We have carefully curated a list of the best Skrill online casinos in New Zealand for Kiwi players. Farewell, the corner pokies because with Skrill you can gamble wherever you are. At the clubrooms on Saturday, on Monday’s commute, during smoko, or relaxing at home. Kiwi players are turning to Skrill online casinos for safe and secure gambling. 

5 Best New Zealand Online Casinos Accepting Skrill 

JackpotCity Best Skrill Casinos in New Zealand


5 • Excellent
launched in 1998
  • games-amountplay 700+
  • fast-payoutFast
  • live-dealerlive
  • mobile-supportmobile


+0 Free Spins
Play Read Review T&C apply
LeoVegas Best Skrill Casinos in New Zealand


4.9 • Excellent
launched in 2012
  • games-amountplay 800+
  • fast-payoutFast
  • live-dealerlive
  • mobile-supportmobile


+122 Free Spins
Play Read Review T&C apply
Spin Palace Best Skrill Casinos in New Zealand

Spin Palace

4.8 • Excellent
launched in 2001
  • games-amountplay 450+
  • fast-payoutFast
  • live-dealerlive
  • mobile-supportmobile


+0 Free Spins
Play Read Review T&C apply
Ruby Fortune Best Skrill Casinos in New Zealand

Ruby Fortune

4.8 • Excellent
launched in 2003
  • games-amountplay 459+
  • fast-payoutFast
  • live-dealerlive
  • mobile-supportmobile


+0 Free Spins
Play Read Review T&C apply
888 Best Skrill Casinos in New Zealand


4.8 • Excellent
launched in 1997
  • games-amountplay 200+
  • fast-payoutFast
  • live-dealerlive
  • mobile-supportmobile


+0 Free Spins
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Welcome to Skrill gambling in Aotearoa 

With millions of customers worldwide, leading risk and anti-fraud technology, and FCA-regulation, Skrill is considered a highly secure payments partner by online casinos in New Zealand. Previously known as Moneybookers, Skrill allows Kiwi players to easily deposit funds to online casinos and quickly withdraw their winnings. As an e-wallet, Skrill has many benefits. It allows anonymous gambling and easy cashouts. Register for free today! 

Skrill is helping smaller online casinos in New Zealand compete with the casino brands that dominate the NZ online casino industry. By offering Skrill payment processing, the best online casinos prove that they are secure, safe, and allow their players to gamble anonymously. As with most online payment processing systems, Skrill is a lower-cost alternative to international money transfers directly in and out of your New Zealand bank account. 

Getting started

Step 1: Create an account 

Take the time to create a free account. You will be able to use this account for all your online casino gambling. During the registration process, you can choose from 40 currencies. Once you have set up your account you are ready to play online casinos with Skrill in New Zealand. 

Step 2: Make payments 

Skrill allows its Kiwi customers to stay in control of their finances. Their payment methods are straight forward, secure, and (importantly for players) fast. You can make payments using either your stored cards or your account balance. 

Step 3: Withdraw funds 

When you win big at the pokies, blackjack, roulette, or poker and it is time to move your funds out of Skrill you can transfer those winnings directly to your bank account. You can also withdraw funds from other sources, not just online casinos. This makes Skrill a very flexible e-wallet. 

It is free to open an account – visit Skrill and start gambling Kiwi-style.

An anonymous online payment solution

As a popular international online payment solution that serves millions of clients, Skrill is trusted by international online casinos and New Zealand online casinos. Skrill online casinos have a reputation of security that is important for the casinos on a business level, but it also allows Kiwis to gamble anonymously. This anonymity is valued by both the online casino and its players. It helps attract players to the casino and it allows players to separate their gambling finances from their personal finances. 

So, what does online casino anonymity look like in practice? It looks like discretion. Skrill-based transactions do not appear on a player’s personal bank account statement. The only transactions visible are those to and from your personal bank account. This means that when your personal bank accounts are reviewed for financial needs like loans, only your personal account spending appears. Your transactions are discreetly stored in Skrill. 

Skrill online casino payments are protected by leading risk and anti-fraud technology, and Skrill itself is FCA-regulated. Skrill uses encryption technology that works to keep your personal financial details secure online. This encryption technology means that when you use an online casino in New Zealand you do not have to provide the online casino or another 3rd party with your banking details. Instead, you deal directly with Skrill. A Skrill online casino is simply a casino that allows deposits and withdrawals to and from Skrill. 

NZD payments and winnings with online casinos

Playing on a Skrill online casino in New Zealand allows you to gamble with NZD (New Zealand Dollars). Being able to use NZD is a huge relief. It means dodging those stressful USD payments other casinos charge and avoiding the massive international banking transfer fees your NZ bank charges. You can both deposit NZD and withdraw NZD to your Kiwi bank account when you’re ready to pocket your winnings. 

Types of Casinos that accept Skrill 

Mobile Casinos 

Mobile casinos are the next generation of online casino. This casino lives in your pocket and you can take it anywhere with you. Some online casinos in NZ take the form of mobile casinos. They operate in a similar way to their desktop counterparts, except that they allow you to play an online casino with Skrill wherever you might be located. The main benefit of having an online casino on your mobile phone is that you can gamble, pay the bills, make purchases online, and withdraw NZD funds, all on your phone.  

Live Casinos

Do you dream of Las Vegas? The lights, the sounds, the energy? With live casinos, you can bring the Las Vegas casino experience to you. When you choose Skrill gambling sites you can live stream dealers while sitting in your lounge at home, or even on the train. These dealers are in a studio or a real casino elsewhere in the world. While you play you can watch the live dealer deal your cards and spin the roulette wheel as you trade Kiwi banter online with other players from around the world. Dust off a suit and tie – this is online gambling at its finest. 

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Bonus Casinos 

The best online casinos in New Zealand offer casino bonuses. These introductory welcome prizes are designed to get Kiwi players betting sooner and encourage players to keep gambling at the online casino for longer. While this benefits the casino, it also benefits you as the player at a Skrill gambling site. We all like free cash! 

Online casino banking in New Zealand

Once your account is verified, you can begin depositing and withdrawing NZD funds. Skrill users complete a two-step verification process before being able to access all Skrill features. This verification can be done quickly and easily via the Skrill app for Android and iOS. It involves using the app to scan or photo necessary documents and the whole process will be completed in minutes. This two-step verification process is part of Skrill’s renowned security protocols that keep you safe while gambling online.  

Here’s a video that shows you how to verify your online account:

Deposit process 

Before gambling at a Skrill online casino, transfer NZD funds to play with from your personal bank account to your online account. These NZD funds will be available for gambling whenever you want them. 

Option 1: credit or debit card deposits

  1. Click on the ‘Deposit’ section located on the left side of your account.
  2. Chose the card you want to use, enter the CVV code (card security code) and click on ‘Next’. 
  3. Enter the amount you want to upload, choose thepurpose of deposit’ and click on ‘Next’. 
  4. To complete the transaction, click on ‘Confirm’.  

Note: This is a quick deposit option. Funds will arrive in your Skrill account immediately. 

Option 2: international bank wire transfers  

In order to upload funds via bank transfer, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Click on ‘Manual Bank Transfer’ in the Deposit section of your account and then on ‘Continue’. 
  2. Include your customer ID in the reference field to speed up the transaction.  

Note: Local and international bank transfers take 2 to 5 business days (excluding weekends and national holidays). Bank transfers must originate from a bank account held in your name 

For more information on Skrill’s deposit options visit their website and register for free. 

Withdrawal Process 

After a big win on a Skrill online casino, you might choose to transfer your winnings to your confirmed card or bank account.  

Option 1: withdrawal to a personal bank account 

  1. Click on the ‘Withdraw’ button located on the right-hand side of your account.
  2. Choose a bank account. If you haven’t registered a bank account, click ‘Add Bank Account’ to submit your bank details. 
  3. Enter the amount to be withdrawn and click on ‘Continue’. 
  4. A page with your withdrawal information will appear. To finalize your withdrawal, click on ‘Withdraw Money’. 

Note: Depending on the country to which you are withdrawing, the funds may take from less than 1 day to 5 business days to arrive. 

Option 2: withdrawal to a Visa or Mastercard card  

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logo footer 2 Best Skrill Casinos in New Zealand


  1. Go to the ‘Withdraw’ section of your account and click on the card to which you would like to make a withdrawal. *
  2. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on Continue.  
  3. A page summarizing your transaction will appear on the screen. You have to click on Withdraw money in order to finalize the withdrawal. 

Note: In order to be able to complete a VISA withdrawal you need to have at least one successful gaming transaction with the card. If you haven’t made a gaming deposit with your card, you will be prompted to do so by verifying your VISA card.  


Mastercard withdrawals are only available for cards issues in Russia or the Ukraine.  

Skrill has many more withdrawal options that can be found on their website. 


All online payment processing services have fees. You can learn about Skrill’s fees here:   

The advantages and disadvantages of Skrill online casinos


Convenience: With a Skrill account you can make payments to online casinos and withdraw your winnings. You can also link your bank accounts and send money locally and internationally using only an email address and password.

Confidence: Skrill prioritises your safety and financial security online. They use modern anti-fraud protection technology to ensure that your transactions and personal information are safe. 

Instant: When sending funds to Skrill wallet holders the transactions are instant. All you need is an email address to send funds to and from Skrill e-wallets. The low fees make this an attractive option. 

Anonymity and Privacy: Transactions between your Skrill account and online casinos are not listed on your personal bank account statements.  


Fees: Small fees are common among online payment service. For specific fees information check the fees and currency conversion information of your preferred online casino.  

NZ Alternatives to Skrill 

Skrill is a popular payment partner for New Zealand online casinos, but not every online casino offers it. Some alternatives to Skrill are PayPal, Neteller, paysafecard, and ecoPayz. These online payment processing services have varying withdrawal speed, customer service quality, and fees. 

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ecoPayz logo 2 Best Skrill Casinos in New Zealand
logo footer 3 Best Skrill Casinos in New Zealand
Neteller logo logotype 2 Best Skrill Casinos in New Zealand

Skrill online casinos FAQ  

How do I verify my Skrill account for online gambling?  

Download the mobile app Google Play/Apple App Storeandfollow the steps to verify your identity.  

Can Skrill be used outside of New Zealand?  

Yes. Skrill has millions of account holders worldwide and you can choose from 40 currencies.   

How do I create a Skrill account?  

Visit and click Register. 

What is 2FA?

2FA is two-factor authentication. This is an additional layer of security that requires a code sent to your mobile device through a software security token. This code must be entered before you can use your account.

How do I use Skrill’s Refer-A-Friend program? 

Unfortunately, the Refer-A-Friend program is not yet available in New Zealand. 

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