Technological Innovations in the iGaming Sector in 2020

2020. Need we say more? It has been a year of change, and not always good change, either. In saying that, the cogs of the innovation machine don’t stop turning – even in the wake of a pandemic. So, you can still expect some pretty outstanding technological innovations to be made. No truer words have been spoken than in respect to the iGaming sector.  

The online casino industry has been evolving for decades, but 2020 has been the year of some of the most significant changes for both developers and players. Here’s a quick roundabout on what we’ll be looking at:

CasinoWatch Infographic Technological Innovations in the iGaming Sector in 2020

Mobile Gambling 

Mobile gambling has been around a lot longer than just 2020, but it has most certainly changed for the better. Rather than download apps for your mobile devices like phones and tablets, you can now more often than not access a mobile gambling site from your device’s browser.  

Given that billions of people use smartphones, it makes sense to cater to both desktop and mobile users during the casino site’s development stage. 

Data Modeling and Predictive Analytics 

As dry as it sounds, one of the best technological innovations this year has been the uptake of data modeling and predictive analytics.  

If casino operators can learn behavior patterns and take note of the most popular games, they are in a better position to offer what their audience wants. Real-time data is also useful in bricks and mortar casinos, but it’s a lot more readily available online.  

VR and AR  

Virtual reality and augmented reality have been slowly integrated into our everyday society. There are plenty of online games you can play once you invest in this technology. However, what many people possibly didn’t expect was being able to play online casino games with it, as well. 

Several online casinos cater to those with VR technology. You can enjoy real-life interactions, exceptional video game graphics, and even super-imposed digital imagery. You’re even able to join virtual table games as if you were there in person.  

If authenticity has been one of the reasons why you haven’t tried online gambling before, then perhaps VR and AR could change your mind. 

Payment Options 

Even though online gaming has grown substantially, it’s only very recently that such a broad range of payment options have become available. Credit cards have long been the most popular option, but not everyone feels comfortable handing over their credit card and banking information.  

With this in mind, many casinos are starting to offer alternative payment options like cryptocurrency and digital wallets. Neteller, Paypal, Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum are all standout payment options on a variety of online casinos in 2020. 

Smartwatch Gambling 

Smartwatch technology is evolving all the time. While they were brought to the market to focus on fitness, some of the best brands are now providing access to online games. It may only be a matter of time before we see these watches incorporated into the iGaming industry. 

What Will the iGaming Industry Have in Store Next?  

Sure, 2020 hasn’t been the year we imagined, but it has still been a memorable year for technological innovations. The iGaming sector is growing at great speed, and it’s only a matter of time before we see some massive changes that completely revolutionize how we participate in online games. 

For now, though, we’re able to benefit from new payment methods that offer more confidence, a more customized approach to online casinos to benefit players, and immersive technology for a more authentic gambling experience. Even smartwatch technology is on the horizon. Watch this space, for some extremely exciting changes lie ahead.  

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